Oleg Krupnov


In the deployment package of my document-level Word customization I have replaced VSTO 2005 Runtime to VSTO 2005 SE Runtime. My questions are:

1) Do I still have to include the "Shared Add-in Support Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (KB908002)" as a prerequisite or it's already inside the SE runtime

2) Is the KB908002 generally relevant for document-level customizations (I have included it just in case so I wonder)

3) Do I understand correctly that beside SE contains features for working with shared addins in Office 2007, it is also a general service pack for the VSTO Runtime, that should supersede the previous VSTO runtime (not SE) in all cases, including deployment for Office 2003


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Deployment: Shared Add-in (KB908002) and VSTO SE?

Martin Sawicki - MSFT

1 and 2) No, you don't need KB908002 for VSTO-based solutions at all.

The KB package is meant only for shared addin-based solutions (which do not use the VSTO runtime)

3) Yes, the SE runtime is a replacement update to the original VSTO 2005 runtime. Besides supporting new addin types for Office 2007 and Office 2003, it also has some other improvements - specifically ones for making VSTO list object support for Excel work correctly in Office 2007.

Hope this answers your question.