Danish Tehseen

I installed

  • MS Office 2007 including PIA 2007
  • Visual Studio 2005
  • VSTO 2005 SE

on my computer. When i create Outlook Addin project in Visual Studio 2005 i get the following message.

"Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 SP1 or newer is not installed on this computer. You must install a version of Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 that supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System projects."

Would i still have to install MS Office 2003 in order to start my outlook 2007 add-in development

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Danish Tehseen

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office VSTO 2005 SE


Hi Danish,

No, you do not need to install Outlook 2003. The error message tells that you are trying to create an Outlook 2003 Add In which is not the right project type. You should create an Outlook 2007 Add In.

After VSTO SE installed. There should be an Office Node in New Project Dialog. In Office Node, there should be two sub nodes named 2003 Add-ins and 2007 Add-ins. Click 2007 Add-ins, and then in the right panel, choose Outlook Add-in as your project template.



Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office VSTO 2005 SE

Danish Tehseen

Thanks Ji

The problem was i had VSTO 2005 SE Runtime installed on my pc (not VSTO 2005 SE) due to which 2007 Add-ins were not showing in the Visual Studio 2005.