It's possible to change the text "Document Actions" of the Actions Pane in a Excel document

I see in the MSDN documentation, that the ActionsPane have an property "Text" (ActionsPane.Text ) but I cannot access this property from VB.NET.

Im using VSTO 2005 with Excel 2003.


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Change the ActionsPane title (Text property?)

Maarten van Stam

Hi JoeDev

In a document written by Paul and Kathleen (both MSFT) you can find the next quote:

The Document Actions task pane is a document-level task pane visible only to a document or workbook that is associated with the VSTO customization. You can only have one Document Actions task pane per document or workbook. You customize this document-level task pane through the ActionsPane object when you create a Microsoft Word or ExcelR document or template project in VSTO.
To customize the document-level task pane, you add an instance of the user control to the Controls collection of the ActionsPane object. You cannot change the name that appears as the title of the task pane.

Hope that answered your question,

-= Maarten =-