Using (vsto 1.0) I created a web application that opens a word document in the Internet browser and now I have an issue with its response Time...actually I need 14 seconds to open any customized word document from my application...

to figure out the source of this issue, I created a new VSTO project (word document) and I put nothing in the startup method ,, then I published this project using the publish wizard,, and then I created a virtual directory under the Default web site for the publish result,,

when I browse the customized document I find that it needs also 14 seconds to be opened... but I noticed that it takes only 2-3 seconds when I disconnect any network from my server (LAN or WAN) ...

What I want now is make the VSTO uses the cashed customization assembly on the client to load the customization,,When there is a newer version on the server, the new assemblies are downloaded.

How can I set that to solve my performance issue

Note: each time I open the word document from my application I need to get some data from the database using the web service and place them on the action pane

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestion;

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office about customization assembly

Ji Zhou ¨C MSFT


It results from very time you start up your customization document, it will go to crl.microsoft.com to check the publisher certificate revocation. To resolve the issue, you can disable Check for publisher¡¯s certificate revocation option in Internet Options.


1. Click the Menu Start->Run, type Control Panel, and click OK

2. Double click Internet Options

3. Navigate to the Tab Advanced

4. Uncheck the Check for publisher¡¯s certificate revocation under Security section

More information you can get from this link:

http://forums.microsoft.com/msdn/rss.aspx postid=1815762&forumid=32&siteid=1