mahavir patil

Hi all,

I am new to vsto and dont know much about.

I want ot delvelop an add-in forMS word, and that i want to show to the user for only some specific word documents and not for all word document i open.

I mean i want to have document level add-in and not application level.

So how and want change i need to make to the document meta data to catogorise it for having this add-in to display what kind of user interface i can provide to the user so that he feel it friendly to catogorise the file and whether i can do the changes to the file programatically(.NET) hile downloading the file from net(Need to implement this functionality in the web apllication i am developing).

A soon reply will help me more!

Mahavir Patil.

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office document level add-inn

Douglas H. Troy

Mahavir -

First off, welcome to the "club". To implement a document-level customization, the first thing you'll need is the original VSTO (not 'SE'). VSTO SE does not currently support document-level customizations. The original VSTO was not free, and therefore can only be purchased and/or if you have an MSDN Universal subscription, you can get it off your MSDN CDs and/or download it from the subscriber section.

Next, you'll need to determine what version(s) of Office (or Office documents) you plan to support. If you're looking at Office 2003 and up, then you'll need Office 2003 Pro installed on your development machine. You can deploy 2003 VSTO solutions to Office 2007. If you're just doing Office 2007, then you can safely install Office 2007 on your development machine.

There are a couple of ways to attach a customization to an existing document:

1. When you create a VSTO solution, you can actually pick an existing Template or Document

2. You can use the VSTO Application Manifest Editor ( to attach an existing customization to an existing template/document.

As far as the whole "friendly" interface thing goes, with VSTO, you can create custom Task Panes, CommandBars, etc... to extend the exsting Word UI and make it as easy or complex as you require.

I highly suggestion you read the first thread in these forums, entitled PLEASE READ NEXT ( PostID=196504&SiteID=1) There is a wealth of information contained therein.

If there are other more specific questions about any of this, let us know.

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office document level add-inn

mahavir patil

Thanks Douglas,

The information was really helpful. Now further if yuo can help me, I have some more queries.

The thing is, i need document level customization and this i need for documents of office 2007 as well along with office 2003 and exceptionaly for previous versions(not compolsory).

Now if i will go with VSTO 2005(not SE), will i be able to implement document level customization for office 2007 documents as well

TO describe the scenario more, My web application user will download office documents from the web application, and then i want that when he will be opening the document("word" most probably), i want to to facilitate him with some custom functionalities for annotations specifically.

Now, will it be possible. Can such document have assembly reference to a remote (server side) assembly to have that back end code

Or user will be needed to deploy the assemblies first to his local machine

I can desctribe the scenario in more details if you want!

I request other experts are also to help, if anyone can.

One quick quistion, can customization be useful for facilatating custom annotation to office documents

Thanks and regards,