I need to do a Word Mail Merge upon a button click. This is working fine when its being done in Visual Studion IDE.
When it comes to deployment, It was saying Com Access Authorization error ... I solved that in DCOM configuration and gave the necessary permission to the ASPNET user. But now i get a error message "There is insufficient memory. Save the document now". this is happening when i open a document. And there are lot issues in closing the com objects.. therefore i thought of using VSTO.
Can i use VSTO in ASP.NET application..

~ Arjun

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office VSTO adn ASP.NET


> working fine in visual studio IDE

Does the actual process work on the target server holding the website in the same fashion outside the website... Meaning can you create a console application which runs on the production server and can do the functionality; or does it run into problems. It needs to be determined where the problem is occurring before an answer can be given.

The production server may not have the same footprint of VSTO pre-requisites as the development machine...hence the possible differences. In otherwords what is getting in the way Is it IIS or VSTO or Office or how the server is setup

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office VSTO adn ASP.NET

John R. Durant - MSFT


Form what I can tell you are attempting to use Word and its VSTO customization on an ASP.NET server. This is not supported, and it is strongly discouraged.