I've developed an addin for Word 2007 using VSTO 2005 SE. For the setup file, I'm using the default setup file when I created the project. My question is, how can I set a default installation folder for my addin

For example:- When the setup file launched, I want to make the *.msi file to automatically install the addin to a predefined folder. It means that no user interaction required, no need to choose an installation path and no clicking needed. Just a direct installation like the MS Office 2007 PIA msi setup file. Can it be done Hope someone can help me about this.



Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Deployment path setting

Douglas H. Troy

Westman -

This is not a VSTO related question, but rather pertains to Windows Installer. Yes, there is a way to make this happen, but you'll need to refer to the following MSDN sections for more information: