Rama Krishna rao

I am developing an Outlook plug in where I have to store meta-data in Outlook for the customizations user does.
How to store meta-data in Outlook without persisting to the user (and) without storing in different file(like xml file)
I did research on table object. But, I think it doesn't help me out because it is read only object.

Please let me know if u have any ideas

I am using VSTO SE/ Outlook2007 /VS 2005/C#


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office How to store meta-data in Outlook 2007

Sue Mosher - Outlook MVP

The Table object is for performant, read-only access to data. The object to use for storing metadata is the new StorageItem object. Help has several good examples. The caveat is that you can create new StorageItem items only in mail/post folders, which would include the root of the default store and the Inbox.