Denis Pitcher

I'm working with VSTO SE and Office 2003.

All of my addins work on my local development machine, however when I go to deploy my addins to a test machine, only the excel addin works.

They are all being installed to the same directory. Registry settings are identical (aside from properly referencing the assembly names, office app and proper component ID). Caspol settings are correct and assign full trust to the directory in which all the dlls are installed.

I've got Office PIA and VSTO runtime installed on the machine (Excel likely wouldn't work without it). Com visible is turned on for each.

What am I missing I can't narrow down any difference between the excel addin and the others for why they won't load.

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Excel addin loads, Powerpoint and Publisher addins do not

Denis BDA

I finally figured it out.

The registry settings I had under HKCU\Software\Classes\CLSID\[Component ID]\InprocServer32\(Default) were of type string when they were supposed to be of type environment string.