Does anyone know if there are plans to enable VSTO for MS Project 2003/2007 It doesn't appear that I can use VSTO for MS Project 2003. So therefore I had to create a shared add-in in Visual Studio 2005. I would have liked to take advantage of the Click-Once deployment, and automatic update. It doesn't appear that I can find an easy way to keep my shared add-in updated on users' computers outside of VSTO.


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Will VSTO ever be used for MS Project 2003/2007

Andrew Whitechapel - MSFT

The VSTO team does have Project 2003 and Project 2007 support on our "todo" list for the next release of Visual Studio (towards the end of 2007). Right now, I can't 100% promise that we will definitely deliver this feature, but it is certainly looking very likely.