Scott Grosch

I'm creating the VS 2005 deploy package for the VSTOR 2005 SE product. I saw the post showing the proper PublicKey to use so that problem is solved now. However, in the product.xml file there is a line that says this:

<DependsOnProduct Code="Microsoft.Office.PIA.2003" />

I don't like that line . That line says that I have to have the Office 2003 PIAs installed. I don't have those since I'm running Office 2007 instead. This is a brand new build so I never even had Office 2003 on here. How do I do that same check for Office 2007

I tried the obvious answer of 'change the 3 to a 7' but that results in an error from Visual Studio during the build which says:

Item 'Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office Runtime' could not find dependent item 'Microsoft.Office.PIA.2007'

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office vstor package and Office 2007

Lubo Birov - MSFT

Hi Scott,

See "Deploying Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office Second Edition Solutions Using Windows Installer" ( LinkID=57779) article, which contains information about Office 2007.