Giridhar Damodaram

My application was developed in Microsoft Vb .NET for .NET FrameWork 1.1, it uses Excel 2002 COM Object. My application uses Excel.WorkSheet.PrintOut() method for printing the excel sheet into PDF Document. The problem is that the application is able to print the first excel sheet sucessfully but if i use the same excel Applicaion object for the second excel sheet the Printout meathod is not returning at all.

If i create new excel application object for each excel sheet it is working properly. Please note that this application was working properly in windows 2000 server.

Help required immediately please.

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Excel.Worfsheet.PrintOut is not returning.

Dennis Wallentin

Hi Giridhar,

Is this related to VSTO If not then the best place to ask is

Printing to PDF is not always an easy task due to the software involved. What You can do is to use an array (of worksheets) that should
be printed and send it to the PrintOut method: