Does any one know how to use onKey Up Event handler for a TextBox
in INFOPATH 2003 Form. I am trying to Implement the autocompletion
feature on my Infopath Form. But by default there is only three event handlers
are supporting for a textbox. I am calling a webservice for this but the problem is
its happening only when i press the tab ie onchange... I would like to know
is there any alternatives are available for this when every time key press that webservice
should call ...

Please help...


Deepu M.I

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office :: OnKeyPress Event Handler in INFOPATH 2003 ::

Andrew Whitechapel - MSFT

This is really not a VSTO-specific question at all. Rather, it is a question for the InfoPath forum, and you would most likely get a sensible answer if you repost your question here: dg=microsoft.public.infopath &lang=en&cr=US