Hi again. I uninstalled the office2003, and installed office 2007 professional, now when i tried to install VSTO2005 im receiving an error message asking for the office 2003 service pack 1 . What that means i need office2003 and 2007 installed on my machine

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office VSTO installation issue with office 2007 after uninstall office 2003



No, VSTO does not support multiple version of Office on the same develop machine. Your choice of Office product version depends on what kind of solution do you want to develop, document-level or application-level

1. If you want to work on document-level solution, there are only two kinds of products supported: Word and Excel. In this scenario, you need VSTO and Office 2003 (with SP1 or higher)

2. If you want to work on application-level solution, you should have Office 2007 and VSTO SE. (VSTO SE still not support Office 2007 document-level solution)

3. In the newest VSTO product (VSTO3, still in Beta 2). You can develop on Office 2007 document-level solution as previous VSTO version does not ship with such ability.

To know more about this aspect, refer this MSDN site: