Sorry if the answer is already out there and obvious but I can't find it and need to make a purchasing decision:

I'm using VS 2005 Team Suite Trial Edition. I don't need all that this version has to offer. Basically I want VS 2005 Pro with full VSTO capabilities. I understand that VSTO SE will help but doesn't offer full capabilities. I also need the capabilities in VS 2005 Pro that aren't in the VSTO version.

From a purchasing standpoint the most cost effective way to go seems to be to buy VS Pro with MSDN Pro subscription to get both. Does this make sense

Thanks in advance for your information.

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office VSTO 2005 and VS 2005 Pro - how to get all features of both

Robert Green

To get VS 2005 Pro with full VSTO capabilities you have two choices:

1. Buy VS 2005 Pro and then buy VSTO 2005. Two different boxes.

2. Buy an MSDN Pro subscription, which includes VS 2005 Pro and VSTO 2005.

I agree with you. The MSDN Pro subscription is the way to go.