Hi, I am a total newbe to VB and am having some trouble with what i think is VB...or possibly VBA.

I wanted to take data that a user would enter via Word template and then take that data and push parts of it into another word document.

It looks like I can do it via bookmarks but since I already have an Object called ThisDocument, I am not sure how to go about adding a second document to the project.

Any thoughts

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Document Object

Cindy Meister

It's not clear from your problem description: Are you developing your project with VSTO

Or are you automating using VB.NET Or is this classic VB6 Or even VBA

The (very) short answer is, you use the FormattedText property of the Range object. But if you need a code sample and some explanation, we need to understand the context in which you're working....