I created and saved a powerpoint show on my computer at home. I saved it to disk and took it took my work computer. When I open it from the disk at work, it does not open directly as a show but rather as a presentation, the difference being that as a show it plays right away when you click on it; as a presentation it goes into power point and you have to click on slide show, thereby in a roundabout way.

Why does it play as a presentation when I obviously saved it as a show on my home computer On both computers I have Office 2003, same package.

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Help: powerpoint show turns up as powerpoint presentation

Ji Zhou ¨C MSFT


Your question is far off topic in this forum. However, I think you should check the show file¡¯s extension whether to be .pps.

To check that, please do these:

1. Start Menu->Run, Type ¡°Control panel¡± in the text box and click OK.

2. Double Click Folder Options, and navigate to View Tab.

3. Find a Check Box named ¡°Hide extensions for known file types¡±, and uncheck it

Then you will see all files¡¯ extensions in your computer. If the show in your company machine is not a .pps file, modify its extension to .pps.

By the way, .pps is a kind of file that Microsoft let people do not have Powerpoint to show their presentation. But we must have a tool as PowerPoint Viewer. This tool should be shipped with PowerPoint 2003. And you will find an execution file named PPTVIEW.EXE in the same directory where you install Office. So you should also make sure the ppt viewer is installed properly at your work machine. If not, you can download it from here: familyid=428D5727-43AB-4F24-90B7-A94784AF71A4&displaylang=en