I am using VBA within Outlook 2007. I could not find an appropriate forum for this question.

What I want to do seems basic (pseudocode):

For Each OutlookMailItem having Attachment

If Attachment is a picture (.gif, .jpg,.bmp)

SaveToDisk (Attachment)

End If


Real simply: Each message must have an attachment. If the attachment is a picture, save it to disk.

What is the best approach for this

I cant seem to find a way because i'm stuck trying to understand GetTable which seems only to expose string representation of email properties.

Is there some way to cast one of these properties to get the actual outlook email item Or what is the best approach to do as I need

Thanks for any help.


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office VBA: Outlook 2007 - enumerating attachments

Helmut Obertanner

Hello Eric,

maybe have a look here,

Hope this helps.

greets, Helmut forumid=2&messageid=21947