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I have posted some bugs related to VSTO on the feedback site of visual studio but till now no one acted on them. How long usualy it takes to respond to a bug Also if you may have a look at them and post any workarrounds or solutions.

Posted bugs: FeedbackID=237414 FeedbackID=237403


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The non-default URL port bug is very concerning. I have not tried this, but did you test if this is a problem when using Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Beta if it is, the bug should probably be posted into the SP1 Beta section as well.

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I am not using SP1, I am using Team System version 8.0.50727.42 with an update of (KB915364) to enable web projects under vs 2005.

I faced this port problem since we wanted to use the default web site as the sharepoint web site and use another web site with different port number to be our VSTO project site, it is really annoying and we had to move our application to be under default web site (port 80) and exclude it from sharepoint to workarround this problem. The problem seems to me a VSTO run-time which I don't think it has to do with any VS service packs!!

What do MSF people think

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Geoff Darst - MSFT


I'm sorry to see we haven't been responsive on your bugs. Typically, the bugs submitted by customers like yourself through connect will get ported to our databases the same day. From there (assuming there is enough information in the bug to make it clear where it goes) it may take a day or two before it gets assigned out to the correct team. So realistically, you should expect a reply within a few days of submitting a bug. I apologize that you did not receive that courtesy in this case. The team has been heavily focused on developing the next version of VSTO and it looks like we haven't been paying enough attention to incoming bugs.

As far as acting on bugs goes, you should have no expectations. When we are looking at bugs, we prioritize them based on their impact to the product and when we act on them is determined by where we are in the product cycle and what our next ship vehicle is. In addition, some bugs will be postponed to be fixed in future versions or ignored altogether. What we can promise you is that we will examine your bug report and by the end of the product cycle we will resolve the bug in some fashion. Whatever we do, you will be able to track the bug and its resolution through connect. Usually when we resolve a bug we will try to provide the rationale for doing so. However, if we fix a bug we typically won't provide any additional information beyond that.

I should mention that submitting bugs is not a good option if you are looking for support. As you have already discovered we very likely won't even look at them in a timely fashion. In addition, when we do look at bugs, we are typically focused on fixing them in the new version. We generally don't document workarounds in our bug database unless a problem is uncovered that seems pervasive enough to warrant a knowlege base article. If you are looking for help with either of these issues, you may wish to repost them as questions in the forum. Unfortunately, I don't have any good ideas for you on either, or I'd share them.

I do want to stress that we very much appreciate bugs submitted by customers. Regardless of how or when a bug gets resolved, you are helping to improve the product when you take the time to submit a bug report--so thank you! I've also ensured that the owners of these two bugs are aware that you haven't received a response, so I would expect you should get an acknowledgement shortly.


Geoff Darst

Microsoft VSTO Team

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Thanks Geoff for your explanation, I've just received two notifications that Microsoft have received the bugs and working on them :-)

I understand your bugs resolution process and appreciate your efforts getting them resolved no matter what. The only thing I was anxious about was the no feedback IĄ¯ve noticed.

I agree with you and re-emphasize that all customers submitting bugs had done so because of their commitment to Microsoft as partners and to the community as contributors to the industry development.

Thank you VSTO team.

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I've recieved a notification on the port issue from the MSF Feedback staff that the bug was resolved as By Design and Closed accordingly.

So we know now that we can't deploy a VSTO assembly to a web site with non-default port number and this is by design!! But the question is: is it going to be fixed in the next VSTO version or it's by design due to a problem in a component out of the VSTO scope Like a problem in the CLR itself for example!! (the part responsible for code-access security checking).

We realy have no idea about that as I haven't seen any comment on the bug from MSF.. So we have to live with it till futher notifications.. and remeber not to publish VSTO assemblies to other than the default web site (port 80).