I have been using Microsoft .Net 2003 (C#) and VBA to develop solutions for Microsoft Office 2003. Basically it is a user-template based solution. I want to migrate to Microsoft .Net 2005 and use VTSO to develop the solution for Microsoft Office (2003 and upwards....). It will be a Shared-Addins type of solution. (all the solution are for desktop-winforms)

I want to know whether I need to deploy Office PIA to the user's machine when deploying the VTSO solution

All the possible solutions are welcome.

Also, Please suggest If there is a more better solution in VTSO other than Shared Addins



Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Deployment of VTSO solution developed in C#


I recommend that you do not use the Shared Addins. Instead you need VSTO 2005 SE to create Addins for the 2003 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Visio.

For more information on migrating a VBA solution to VSTO, you can find free articles on the web, or get a new book written by two members of the VSTO team: VSTO for Mere Mortals by Kathleen McGrath and Paul Stubbs. The article is here:

Yes, you do need the user's machine to have the Office PIAs. You can deploy them by adding a custom action in your setup project.