Hi every body

I am a new programmer and I have been studying C++ for one semester. I know how to link and use files with these extinsions (.dat , . txt). However, I need to know how to connect excel spreadsheet with my C++ program "win 32 console application" and then I need to read my input from this spreadsheet and produce my output on it. I searched a lot but I did not find any thing. Actually, I do not know what is the solution for my problem, is it a code or a tool or something else If there is any one who can help me, I will be thankful. Moreover, If there is a refrence or a book that helps me ,please tell me and I will be glad to study it.

I use MS Office 2003, Visual Studio 2005.

Sorry if my question seems silly, but I really want to learn it and it is urgent.

Thank you a lot .

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office connecting excel file to C++ program

Steve Hansen


This isn't really the correct forum for your question. This forum deals with a product that allows you to automate Office using managed code (either C# or VB.NET).

Here is an article however that you might find useful to get started:

Also, check out:

Best of luck with your studies!


Steve Hansen

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office connecting excel file to C++ program

Cindy Meister

Hi nicelily

In addition to Steve's recommendations, if you need help generally with C++ the place to ask questions is the Windows Developer newsgroups. Start here dg=microsoft.public.win32.programmer.ole&lang=en&cr=US

To see other newsgroups, click "Windows Development" at the left, then choose Windows SDK. You'll find a number of win32 newsgroups, listed by topic.