Could anyone tell me the default sheet name that Access 97 tries to use when the "Analyse with Excel" OfficeLink button is used and, ideally, how to control / alter it

I have various reports that usually serve fine, but we recently required a bit of extra tweaking and attempted to send them to Excel (2000 & 2003) but were informed that the sheet was "recovered" after being re-named as it was invalid. Unfortunately, even though the "grouping" seems to have been successful, there is no data other than a few field names.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office OfficeLink from Access 97 to Excel 2000 - on: "Invalid Sheet Name" error

Cindy Meister

I'm afraid you're in the wrong place for this question, which is outside the scope of VSTO (targeted at Office 2003 and later, and nothing to do with Access in any case).

Your best resource will probably be the access newsgroups in this interface. Look for an appropriate newsgroup topic under the Access heading in the pane on the left. d=1