Mohan Kumar Karunakaran


Is there anyway to create a custom color theme using VSTO SE and apply that theme to the activeworkbook. The basic idea is I will be having two color themes Primary & Secondary and when the user clicks a button in a custom ribbon addin, the respective color theme should be applied.

Is it necessary to create all the theme related files mentioned below or just the themecolor is enough.

Theme Color - Primary.xml

Theme Effect - Primary.eftx

Theme Fonts - Primary.xml

and finally the theme file - Primary.thmx



Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Color Theme in Excel Addin

Cindy Meister

As this question is really more Excel-specific and not a function of VSTO - and no one here has offered a reply - you might have a better chance of getting the information you're seeking in an Excel newsgroup. You might try asking here, for example. dg=microsoft.public.excel.programming&lang=en&cr=US