Crappy Name

Hi All,

I created a VSTO excel project (not SE... I don't have that option) and put some code in the addin_install and addin_uninstall. I then compiled this and tried to add the xls file as an add-in to excel, but I get the message in the subject.

How can I make an add-in with VSTO... is there a flag somewhere that marks a sheet as being an add-in that I'm missing This never used to be an issue in VBA.


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office 'name.xls' is not a valid add-in

Dennis Wallentin

Hi Rael,

The VSTO 2005 can only create workbook level solutions, i e workbooks and workbook templates with VSTO code behind. Per se
none of this options qualify to be add-ins in Excel - Therefore You get the message.

If You want to create add-ins for Excel with VSTO then the only option is to have VSTO 2005 SE. Another option is to create add-ins
with VB.NET 2005 Standard / Pro