Hi all,

I have the following problem:

I've made an PowerPoint managed add-in using C#, VS 2005 , VSTO SE and

PowerPoint 2003.

The problem is that when click F5 on VS the add-in strarts, installs

commandbars, buttons etc. and works fine.

If stop debug mode of VS and strat PowerPoint manually the add-in still works,

BUT if after it start the Setup and install the add-in via the standart
setup project which VS generates the add-in no more works. I've made it a strong

name, use RegAsm.exe with parameter /codebase , everything as is

described everywhere.

Also there is oneother thing:

When I install the add-in with the Installer it registers successfuly. strat PowerPoint manually the add-in not works

Thank you in advance

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office add-in not working through setup project

Jeff Young - MSFT

Your first two scenarios (F5 and running outside of VS) work because VSTO provides some services for your add-in in order for it to run. Specifically, it is registered so that PowerPoint knows to load it at start up and CASPOL entries are created so that it is trusted to run.

The setup project that is created when you create the project isn't complete and is insufficient to fully install and allow the add-in to run. There are two documents that step you through the process for creating a Windows Installer setup that allows end-users to run your add-ins. Part one is at and part two is at

These articles go through a lot of detail and may be more information than you need for your particular scenario (there are details, for instance, about how to set up checks for pre-requisites and language packs). But, assuming you have the pre-requisites installed and aren't concerned about language packs, you still need to create registry keys for the add-in (so that PPT can discover it) and to create CASPOL entries so that the add-in will be trusted to load. These two documents should give you all of the information you need to accomplish this.

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office add-in not working through setup project


Thanks Jeff.

Thanks for your reply. I had created my setup project using these two below link and part two is at . Still I am facing same problem.

I am using VSTO 2005 SE.

please help me.