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I created a project using VSTO-SE, but I need to convert it to run on VSTO standard. When I try and load the project, I get the message 'Unable to read the project file 'x'. The imported project 'c:\program files\msbuild\microsoft.visualstudio.officetools2.targets' was not found. Confirm that the path in the <import> declaration is correct.

Can someone suggest the best way to convert this project back to regular VSTO

Many Thanks

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Moving Project Backwards from VSTO-SE to VSTO

Douglas H. Troy

I don't know the "best" way, but why not just create a new VSTO project, and then cut & paste your code from the SE project ...

Obviously, any classes, images, etc... you just copy into your new solution folder and then 'add existing' ...

just a thought.