Naveedullah Khan

Hi All,

I have a requirement with one of my clients where I need integration of MS Office with my web application. This integration is somewhat unique in the sense that the web application should be able to open and modify any Word/ PowerPoint/ Excel document without using the Office client applications. i.e. the application behaves as an Office client.

I know there are viewers available for Office 2003 but they are just viewers. I need the ability to update the document in the web application i.e. some office web component with complete functionality.

Hope someone can help in this.

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office MS Office files on the web

Andrew Cherry [MSFT]

Hi Naveedullah -

Updating the document can be something of a problematic undertaking; there are, however, two simplifying cases:

  1. Use the new OOXML file formats. Packaged XML according to an XSD you can validate against; there is even a public API available (currently in Release Candidate, I believe).
  2. Store custom data via ServerDocument -- you'll need to put a VSTO customization in the document to extract it on client side.