Hi All

We are usign VSTO SE, C# to build an Outlook 2007 add-in.

We wanted to expose the functionality of this addin to external programs
So we overrode the RequestComAddinAutomationService method .
This method is supposed to be called whenever add-in loads, according to

But problem is that, intermittently, this function doesnt get called for some reason and hence the application.Comaddins(MyAddin).Object returns a null value.

can someone point out the situations when this function isnt called during add-in load


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Addin.RequestComAddinAutomationService (sequence of events fired while loading Outlook 2007 Addin)

Andrew Whitechapel - MSFT

RequestComAddinAutomationService should always get called in all supported scenarios. Can you provide a simple repro where it doesn't get called