please go thru this link

there is some sample code, while loading the solution file , it is not loading all the projects in it, there by we are unable to run the application, infact the sample codes(outlook add-in) provided by microsoft are not loading all the projects in it. please help me out to run this application.

We have followed the procedure in the readme file , installed pre-requisite softwares to run this application.

sample code has 3 projects - in that , Outlook.CRMIntegration project is not loading while opening the solution, Outlook.Utility is loading n Outlook.CRMIntegration setup too is not fully loaded.

We need this sample application badly.

need help badly
thanks in advance.

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office CRM Sample is not working


i'm having exactly the same problem!! does anyone please have the solution to this or some more insight this is really frustrating as i can imagine it's a small thing but i'm wasting so much time on it. if anyone has any ideas, they would be massively appreciated!