How can I watch the network communication (for example XML request/response messages) which is triggered by outlook 2007

As a concrete example I would like to see the XML data that outlook will request from a sharepoint contact list, when you at a sharepoint site has chosen a list and the action "Connect to outlook".

In this particular sharepoint example, someone might say that I should simply watch the sharepoint web service URL in a browser, but I do not know which URL that outlook will request, since when I rightclick the properties of the added sharepoint contact list in outlook I can not find any URL.

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office How can I watch network communication triggered by outlook 2007 ?

Mike Morton - MSFT

TomJ72, this forum is specifically for VSTO questions/issues. You may have better luck asking your question in a different forum or newsgroup. Please see this post ( PostID=174275&SiteID=1) for more information regarding these other options.