I know that this is a VSTO forum, but I need some advices: someone is willing to pay me a version of this program, since I cannot guarantee with VSTO to build a plugin for ALL Outlook versions (while this environment seems able to).
I need to know any difference from working with VSTO, anything I should know: with VS and VSTO I had to learn about many (bad/sad) aspects, like deployment hell, problem with different Outlook versions and Outlook security model...
Any idea about it


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Please advise on Add-in Express


Hello LastHope,

VSTO supports only Outlook 2003 und higher.

Programming Outlook with .Net is only supported from Outlook XP and upward.

If you want to be compatible with Outlook2000 and upwards, you should not use .Net and the best option here is using VB6 or C++.

(just my personal thoughts)

Greets, Helmut