Previously, I work with Outlook 2003 and install CDO in my machine.

This code snippet was work in Outlook 2003.

MAPI.SessionClass session = new MAPI.SessionClass();
session.Logon("", "", false, false, Type.Missing, Type.Missing, Type.Missing);


Recently, I upgrade to Outlook 2007 and found out that MAPI was not in Outlook 2007 anymore, may I know how to replace the code snippet above using Outllok 2007 API.



Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office MAPI.SessionClass in Outlook 2007


Hi Kendy,

CDO is an outdated technology and not supported from Microsoft in .Net environment.

And it isn't included in Outlook2007.

However - it is available as extra download here: FamilyID=2714320d-c997-4de1-986f-24f081725d36&DisplayLang=en

But maybe what you want to archive is already in the Outlook Object Modell now.

Or you can use Redemption or ADOXpress Securitymanager or MPI33 or -

use this approach here.

Hope this helps,

greets, Helmut