Rama Krishna rao

In Outlook, go to Menu > Tools>Forms>Design a Form...> select and open a template to design a form. Here, I need to add controls(say command bar) dynamically to the top portion (Not to the designer part).
Q1>What is the event that is fired when the Item's form-design template is opened
Q2>How to get the Type of the form-design template user has selected and trying to open
Q3>How to get the reference to the user selected form-design template so that I can add controls to that form

any suggestions would be appriciated..
If you have any example code, that would be great..

Thanks in Advance,

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Adding Command bar to Form Designer in Outlook

Cindy Meister

Hi Rama

Since you haven't received an answer here, you might try asking in the general Outlook programming newsgroup.