I'm using IFilter to scan PDF in my Outlook add-in. Everything works fine until I started creating installation package. I managed to create a directory in Bootstrapper, but I can't seem to find the right "Component ID" in Launch Condition because even after I manually installed IFilter, my installation still doesn't recognize IFilter.

I'm using the following line to instantiate an IFilter object.

IFilter ifilt = (IFilter)(new CFilter());

Can someone please help me with the "Component ID"

Thank you!

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office What is the "Component ID" for IFilter for PDF?

Saurabh Bhatia - MSFT

Although you are developing an Outlook add-in, I am not sure if anyone on this forum can help you out with Ifilter.

You might find some useful information on the filter central blog:

They also have a faq section that may have some answers for you

Hope thats helpful