Please get me code snippet for converting excel and powerpoint document into pdf using csharp.

I have installed VSTO 2005 Second Edition.exe as well as Plugin SaveAsPDFandXPS

thanks in advance

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Converting Office documents to PDF using csharp

Cindy Meister

Please ask this question in the object model group specific for each of the applications. These are the better resources for questions that aren't concerned specifically with the VSTO technology. Note that you should simply ask how it's done, using the object model. The answer will likely be a VBA code-snippet, but that can be "translated" fairly easily to C#. If you have difficult with turning VBA into C#, you can ask for assistance in the office.developer.automation newsgroup.

Please see the "Please Read First" message at the top of this forum for a list of newsgroup links.