I've got plenty of request in order to make my VSTO SE plugin to be fully supported by Outlook 2007 users.
The fact is, that I'm developing using still Outlook 2003 (which is vital for me: my plugin was developed in order to add extra functionality for Outlook 2003, not 2007...but people still wants it, so hey! Big Smile) and I can't install Outlook 2007 --> I don't have then the Outlook 2007 PIA, and the project will never build...
Any ideas
Thank you


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office How to develop for Outlook 2007 without Outlook 2007?


Hello LastHope,

your AddIn should be upward compatible and running out of the Box on OL2007.

That's the Theory.

What I can suggest is: Take care about your Setup - Vista is different to XP and Prerequisites Check like PIA and Office Version also.

I strongly recommend to use Virtual PC to install images with different operating systems and office versions wich you should use to test your setup and AddIn. After IUnstallation and Tests the Virtual Machines could be easily reset to discard changes.

As I know you could download and Install a Trial Version of Office 2007 that runs 60 days.

Virtual PC 2007 FamilyID=04d26402-3199-48a3-afa2-2dc0b40a73b6&DisplayLang=en

Office 2007 Trial

Hope this helps,

greets, Helmut

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office How to develop for Outlook 2007 without Outlook 2007?


thank you for your suggestion.
The fact is another one, please imagine this scenario:

-- The user never got installed Office 2003, so it hasn't got Office 2003 PIA and he cannot install them
-- The user installs Office 2007 and my plugin, which is compiled against Office 2003 PIA: on his machine however it'll be present only Office 2007 PIA, not Office 2003 PIA.

Will it work still That's what I'm worried about...I just released my plugin yesterday, and I'm waiting any response from any Outlook 2007 user..
Thank you again for your suggestion.


P.S.: But the trial didn't stop working around February