ok this will probably make me look really stupid but...

I am a student who is doing a project using vsto and excel. I have never used c#/vsto/vs/.net before, all my previous experience is in java.

I'm getting really frustrated because I'm finding the .net class library really confusing - I can't find the class libs for the VSTO stuff - i can get to this page:

but how do I find out about all the methods etc. and i can't seem to find any reference to any of the VSTO stuff in the MSDN lib

I realise this is a really stupid problem - but i really have no idea on how to use the Microsoft documentation at all

Thanks for any ponters

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office class libraries


Hello Nick,

I drawn together a small reference list to excel related stuff here:

I know it's not much, (because I'm an Outlook freak) but this may give you a start.

Hope this helps,

greets, Helmut