Abhishek Chadha

Hi ,

I am using Excel 2007 .I have a custom tab which contains Default Excel Button like idMSo="Sort" and also contains my own custom buttons.

The problem is that the custom control shows a different supertip icon image and my Add-in name , whereas the default excel controls shows the normal "Press F1 for help ".

How can i remove the supertip from either of them so that the whole tab looks consistent . Right now its looking shabby because half of the control show different supertip .



Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Remove / Hide Supertip

Cindy Meister

As this question is not VSTO-related, it would be better for you to ask it in a newsgroup that targets the Office applications, such as the office.xml or the general office developer one. Your chances of finding people who work with RibbonX more intensively will be better there.

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Remove / Hide Supertip

Rachel Schaw - MSFT

Custom controls will always display the add-in name in the SuperTip. This makes it easy for an end-user to tell which add-in has is repsonsible for modifying the UI.

Your best bet is to create a custom control that behaves like the built-in control. To do this:

1) Use the built-in imageMso for the button image

<button id="CustomSort" imageMso="SortDialog" supertip="MySuperTip" screentip="MyScreenTip" onAction="Sort_Click"/>

2) In the callback handler, show the built-in Sort dialog

Public Sub Sort_Click(ByVal control As Office.IRibbonControl)
End Sub

Hope this helps!