Bruce Baker


From our 2005, using VSTO 2007 - is it possible to retrieve the list of label options including

a) label manufacturer - e.g. Microsoft, Ace Label, etc

Then for each label manufacturer - each label type including type , height, width, page size

In essence I want to have in my app pretty much the same type of dialog as you get in word 2007.

If so, any pointers to where in the object model, or sample code I can find this



Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Retrieve list of supported label definitions

Cindy Meister

Hi Bruce

As far as I know this isn't, and has never been, possible with Word. I can't even tell you which dll it might be in (although it is certainly in some dll).

Historically, the label "templates" have been proprietary (Avery, etc.) with the company supplying the information that's "hooked into" Word. Best MSFT has ever been able to do is give us a method to show the built-in labels options dialog box, back in Word 2002 or 2003. Before that, it was SendKeys or nothing.

You might get a discussion going in the word.mailmerge.fields newgsroup. There are a couple of clever regulars in there who might have a new thought or two...