Hi All,

After reading quite a few posts and trying out various shortcuts or hacks to acheive an "Application Level Task Pane" for Word 2003, i have really come to a grinding halt !! few of the paths that i followed were

1. Tried to modify the XML of a WORD document by adding the _AssembleName=* and _AssemblyLocation custom document properties....

I am now trying to acheive this by Attaching Managed Code Extensions to Documents...still work in progress

i guess my question would be that in one of these posts Misha Shneerson did point out that it was possible to attach a task pane at an Application level but could only be acheived by someone like her who knows the internals of ActionsPane and VSTO and that it wasnt for the *****Faint Hearted*****.... still trying to locate that post... so if any one could point me in the right direction or suggest an alternative, that would be great !!!

I know that Custom Task panes are possible in word 12/ 2007... but i def. require to achieve this with word 2003 / Office Pro edition... as our target audience is not likely to move to office 2007 for quite some time !!!

If i haven't been clear please do ask for clarifications !!!



Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Attaching custom actions Pane to all documents !!!

Andrew Whitechapel - MSFT

Unfortunately, there is no supported way to add an application-level task pane in Word 2003, because Word 2003 does not support this. The technology that is closest to this is the document-level ActionsPane. This, in turn, relies on the VSTO implementation of ISmartDocument, which is an interface that Word 2003 does support. However, this is intended specifically to be document-level.

After the success of the document-level VSTO ActionsPane, it became clear that there is a customer need for an application-level equivalent, so we certainly recognize the requirement. This is one of the reasons that the 2007 Microsoft Office System includes significant major new work in order to enable the application-level task pane technology.

You might be able to hack something together that might emulate an app-level task pane in Word 2003, but there is no supported mechanism for this, so your best approach really is to encourage your target audience to move to Office 2007 if they need this technology.