I spend last day trying to find a solution to add customs taskpanes in office 2003, Is this possible I'm using vsto 2005. I founded that office 2007 has the CustomTaskPane property....but for office 2003 didn't find nothing.

Pedro Rocha

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Add TaskPanes in Office 2003

Cindy Meister

Hola Pedro

The CUSTOM Task Pane was introduced in Office 2007; it's not available in Office 2003.

Office 2003 introduced the ISmartDocument interface that allows you to create a "Document Actions" task pane for a specific document. (But not for an Add-in.) You can implement the ISmartDocument interface in a DLL (straight COM or managed code -> COM); it requires you to associate a XML schema with the document. The SDK is available on the MSDN site.

The full version of VSTO 2005 (the one without the SE in the name and the one that's NOT free or a download) works with the SmartDocument interface to provide a Document Actions pane for a VSTO document-level project. That's the best you can do for Office 2003.