Is there a way to get the handle to form region and it's controls during the design time itself

For example I choose a new form region by selecting a new form region option, I select the controls from the toolbox and field chooser window.

At this point itself ,Is it possible to get the handle to form region and controls Is there a way to handle drag and drop event or form region change event at design time

I understand that we can write a FormRegionHookup class and get the handle to controls at the runtime using BeforeFormRegionShow callback. But I am looking at design time programming options to the form region and it's controls.


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Getting handle to form region controls at design time


Hi Ram,

If you are using VSTO or VSTO SE. The Outlook Add-in does not support FormRegion in Design Time. So the only way you can get reference of the form and its controls is via FormRegionHookup as you mentioned.

If you are working on VSTO3, known as VSTO edition in Visual Studio 2008(Still in Beta 2), it becomes easy to design a FormRegion. You just add a new item named Outlook Form Region to your project. It looks like a UserControl, so you can just drag controls onto it and handle its event.