Pierre Savard

Hi I try to learn of to use VSTO SE for developping a addin for Outlook 2003. All the sample piked on the web that I try refer to some variable that I don't have.

For Example. I try to hook up to the RequestService to change some visual content of Outlook with this sample:

Protected Overrides Function RequestService(ByVal serviceGuid As System.Guid) As Object
If (serviceGuid = GetType(Outlook._FormRegionStartup).GUID) Then
If ribbon Is Nothing Then
ribbon = New MyRibbon()
End If
Return ribbon
End If
Return MyBase.RequestService(serviceGuid)
End Function

I got a type not define on Outlook._FormRegionStartup. But I have the Outlook objet but if I type the . I can't see this type _FormRegionStartup..

Any suggestion

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Why some fonctions or type are not present in the Outlook model

Mike Morton - MSFT

The FormRegionStartup interface is used for the new Outlook Form Region feature which is part of Outlook 2007 only, this does not exist in Outlook 2003.