I need some help in one problem I am stuck from last 3 days. I have a Recurring meeting request in another time zone (GMT -8:00) and my Outlook and machine are in GMT -7:00. Now whenever I open the meeting request, I can see the Recurrence Pattern listed as :

"Occurs every Monday from 3PM to 4PM GMT -8:00" but the meeting time is in GMT -7:00 on my Outlook.

Can you tell me how can I get the GMT -8:00 Timezone information about the Meeting from my Outlook item programmatically

In other words, What I want to know is given a Recurring appointment, can I get an information on the original timezone of the Recurring appointment item. It must be associated with every recurring appointment but when I create a COM Addin and search for a relevant property I doní»t see any such property to fetch this information.

I have seen articles which says it is stored in


but i am not able to get the information from an Outlook Recurring Appointment item because i dont know how to get this value.

Can anybody please help me


Kulvinder Singh

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Getting Recurring appointment Item Timezone information


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