Fernando DC


Sorry my english.

I have an application Windows (.net 2.0) that generates documents in Word 2003, recently I have installed office 2007 in my PC and eliminated office 2003. Now I have the problem that when it is modified the project appears like reference Word 12. Since I can do so that assembly compiled uses Word 2003



Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Problem with word 2003/2007 interop

Cindy Meister

Hola Fernando

This forum is for questions concerning the VSTO technology and doesn't cover general office automation. For that, there are newsgroups, as listed in the "Please Read First" posting at the top of this forum.

I'm having trouble understanding exactly what it is you're asking, but I think the office.developer.automation forum is probably the best bet for discussing it. You're asking how you can create a reference to the Word 2003 type library if that version isn't installed on your machine The answer is: you cannot.

My advice would be to use a virtual machine, such as "Virtual PC" or "VMWare" make possible. Then you can have separate development/test environments for all the combinations of Windows, .NET and Office you need to support.