I am pulling my hair out and beginning to think I have made a big mistake buying this product... can someone put me straight

We have a number of Access 2003 db's and wanted to deploy some using the runtime option so that other users did not require Access on their machines.

To do this, we concluded we needed VS 2005 as it clearly states on the package that it includes "MS Office Access 2003 Developer Extensions and run time license"

Now that its all istalled, I cannot locate any information/help that tells me how to do this!

Can anyone point me in the right direction have I misguidedly bought this product

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office VS 2005 Tools for MSOffice System

Cindy Meister

The best place to get assistance with this is the Access newsgroup. The Access specialists congregate there and should be able to help you. This forum is mainly concerned with the VSTO technology; the Access stuff was just packaged with VSTO (but doesn't fall under the responsibility of the VSTO team).