I would like my product name to appear a certain way under Add/Remove programs (basically, a long form of the product name including the company name). However, I don't want to change the ProductName property, because that is the shorter form of the product name which should be used for the application folder name.

Is there a place I can chance the product name just as it appears under Add/Remove Programs, without changing the Application folder name and other places where Product Name is used


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office VSTO Setup project question


Hi kewpcg,

No, there is no place to set the title of program in Add/Remove Programs Dialog separately. If you only want to make the the folder name to be a shorter one as you expected. I suggest that you change the product name as you expected in Add/Remove Programs Dialog, and change the DefaultLocation property of Application Folder to string like: [ProgramFilesFolder][Manufacturer]\WordAddIn



Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office VSTO Setup project question

Flying Icarus

It is 10/19 now. So, I hope by now you guys have found a better way (since I am still looking for a better one than the one I am about to describe).

If not, you can change the product name in the deployment project file (.vdproj).

Open the project file using a notepad, and find "ProductName" =.

The value is by default given as the deployment project name.

You can change to a name of your likings. That should be displayed on installation UI, and also register to the system, meaning you can find that name on "Add or Remove Programs" section.