Atif Amin

Hi All,
i have developed COM Addin in Visual Studio 2005 for Outlook. its installation and uninstallation works fine.I have another application too. And i want to make a single installer of both Addin and Other application.So I added this Addin project to my existing solution. and added the primary output of the Addin project to existing setup.

There is not problem with installation. Addin is loaded automatically when i open Outlook but as i uninstall the application my other application is uninstalled but as i open outlook i get and Error message. " Object reference not set to an instance of an object" and still getting addin logo in toolbar.

So plz help me regarding this issue as i want only single installer for both Addin and Other Application.

Thanx Alot


Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office About Uninstalling COM Addin of Outlook

Ji Zhou ¨C MSFT

Hi Atif,

I think this is a Non-VSTO problem. And you will get a more expert response by posting your question to a forum monitored by dedicated Com add-in experts. This forum is for issues relating mostly to VSTO developing. So here's a great place to your issue:

COM add-in issues: newsgroup

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.