Installed VSTO SA on top of existing VS 2005 in order to create Excel Workbook project. Get error "Project cannot be created because the application add-in is not working correctly and might have been disabled ..." My Excel 2003 shows no disable items.

Install order is:

VSTO 2005 Pro Edition
VSTO SE (free download)
then VSTO Stand Alone

Do I need to uninstall ALL and then start again in a different order

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Order of installation - VSTO

Cindy Meister

Hi Jack

Before you go through the pain, try renaming your personal.xlb file (where Excel stores customizations, such as changes to the toolbar). The same thing happened to me this evening, when opening an existing VSTO project and renaming this file solved the problem.

Especially if trying to create a Word project does work, this is likely to be the issue.

If it turns out this isn't the problem, then go to the Control Panel, Add and Remove programs. Select the VSTO stand alone and choose to "Repair" (or first "Change" then "repair").

Please note: VSTO and VS are not exactly the same thing. There is no VSTO 2005 Pro Edition nor VSTO SP1. These are VS 2005 Pro and VS SP1. I managed to figure it out :-), but there are circumstances where this could be confusing.

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Order of installation - VSTO

Andrew Whitechapel - MSFT

Hi Jack

As Cindy points out, there's no such thing as VSTO 2005 Pro, nor VSTO SP1. So the crux of the matter is whether you started with VSTO 2005 or VS 2005 Pro

You can install VSTO 2005 SE on top of either of these, or indeed on top of VSTS 2005.

VS 2005 Pro did not include any doc-level projects, whereas both VSTO 2005 and VSTS 2005 did.

So, another question is, what exactly are you installing when you say "VSTO SA" If this is in fact VSTO 2005, then you've got the install order wrong.

You should install in this order:

  1. VSTS 2005, OR VSTO 2005
  2. VSTO 2005 SE
  3. VS SP1

Actually, the order of 2 and 3 doesn't matter, but you must start with either VSTS 2005 or VSTO 2005, not VS 2005 Pro.