Can anyone tell me how to do this

I want to add one more menu item in the 'Export To' option of the File Menu in the Infopath 2003 forms that I open in a particular system. Infopath 2003 is having the Export To option in the file menu with Export to MS Excel and Export to Web options. I need to add Expot To Word also in there. For the time being i just need to add just the menu item over there. The functionality doesnt matter for the time being.

Got two options to do it:

1) Edit the .xsf file generated by the Infopath form. That will not add the menu item to the Fild menu. It just adds a new custom tool bar. But that will also be form specific. I need some sort of generic thing.

2) Develop an ActiveX control or User Control and bring it in Infopath. Here also it wont add it to the File menu.

Can anyone help me out on this

Regards n Thanks in Advance,

Lavooooooooooooooo........................ :-(

Re: Visual Studio Tools for Office Custom Menu Item in File Menu of InfoPath 2003.


Hi Lavo,

VSTO does not support InfoPath 2003. So it is impossible to add menu item to InfoPath 2003 using VSTO.

But I think if you managed to add an item to the menu or tool bar through the means you mentioned above, it is not very difficult to move it under the File->Export To.

We should do these:

1. Right click the blank place beside the Menu,

2. In the popup menu, Click the button Customize,

3. Then Customize Dialog appears. At this time, you can drag the button you created to everywhere of the menu, of course, in File->Export To.

If this still cannot help, please unmark it and feel free to let me know